First stop downunder – Great Ocean Road

Hello everybody! Finally a post since we left!! We must say it’s super awesome being somewhat off-grid for the last 2 weeks 😛 we are aware that some of you are waiting for us to update the blog and no, we have not disappeared from the surface of the earth. Writing a blog post needs time and discipline, which we are lacking clearly as we are having too much fun!

The trip started with the Great Ocean Road, the scenic drive was spectacular. The unpredictable Melbourne weather finally showed us some kindness after 2 days of intermittent rain, allowing us to embark on the Great Ocean Walk, well… a tiny fraction of the walk. We started from Princetown and ended up at the 12 Apostles Visitor Facility, a mere 7.5km hike one-way as compared to the full 100km walk. We highly recommend this short hike if you intend to see this majestic collection of limestone stacks. It took us around 2.5hrs with many photo taking spots of the rugged coastline.

“There is an unspoken bond you create with the friends you travel with.” – Kristen Sarah

These 2 weeks spent with our close friends helped eased us from our hectic schedules and obligations back home . We will forever remember the crazy laughters and the conversations we had either sober or drunk. Thank you all for the fond memories which we will always treasure! x

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