Travel Resources

These are the websites and companies we use for our travels. Some of these links are affiliate links and, at no cost to you, we may earn a small commission that helps run this website — Thank you for making it possible! has a vast listings of homes, apartments, and other unique places to stay. It is a reliable travel fare aggregator which we often use.

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We love Airbnb! There are so many unique homes all over the world to choose from. It’s amazing that we get to live within the local community for some properties and the hosts are usually very helpful with recommendations.

Use this link will get 10% off your first home booking (up to $550 SGD off).

Skyscanner enables us to search for cheapest flight options on the web. We use it to plan our routes and get good deals for airfares.

We enjoy the freedom of getting around with a car when travelling and totally recommend using for their reliability, great service and prices. Being the World’s biggest online car rental service, they can definitely find the right car, with the right price wherever we are planning to go.

A must have! Our fav multi-currency digital wallet. Transferwise platform is easy to use and we see what we pay instantly. Adding and converting currencies is a breeze too. With this card, you can withdraw up to SGD $350 overseas with no card fees (every 30 days), but additional fees may be imposed by partner banks and ATM terminals. Find out more…